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Technical Tuesday


Week 1 - Indoor Crazy Golf

Try your hand at Indoor Crazy Golf. Click here to download PDF


Number of Players:  1 - 4 – kids, parents, grandparents (whomever is available)

Equipment:  Any indoor space and a tennis ball each (or tennis ball size.)

Organization:  Each player starts with a ball. For U12 & older players – if more than 1 player is involved, 1 player picks the target, the next player determines the path to the target & any other players select the par. Targets can be par 3, 4 or 5. The higher the par the harder or further the target. An example of a target in the picture above, hit the table with the light on it but you must go to the right of the coffee table before playing to the target table and the par is 4.

Object of the Game:  All players begin from a similar area.  Pass the ball in the direction of the target or obstacle.  Once your ball has stopped rolling, you can hit your 2nd shot. Your goal is to make it to the target in par or less. Keep playing until you hit the target; maximum score on any target is 10.  As in golf, each player keeps track of their own score.  


Week 2 - Soccer Bowling

U8__-_soccer_bowlingTry your hand at soccer bowling.  All you need is some indoor or outdoor space,  a soccer balls & 10  pins (tall cones, empty 2 liter plastic bottles, toys) . If you do not have 10, use as many as you have.

Click on the link below or the graphic for full instructions on how to play! 

How to play Soccer Bowling

Week 3 - Hallway Passing

Hallway_PassingNumber of Players: 2 – kids, parents, grandparents (whomever is available)

Equipment: 1 tennis ball and the longest hallway in your house.

Organization: Each player chooses an end to play from. Players must start at opposite ends of the hallway and as far apart from each other as possible.

Object of the Game: Pass the tennis ball to your opponent without hitting and walls. Your opponent has 1 touch to play the ball back without hitting any walls. If a player hits a side wall with the ball, they lose 1 point. Whomever has the ball closest to them restarts the game once both players are ready. Once either player loses all their points, the game is over. Begin a new game with all players starting with 10 points.

Scoring: Each player starts with 10 points.
-1 point for hitting a side wall.

Who is the first player to lose all their points?

Variations (select as many variations as necessary):

  • Allow more touches as needed.
  • Limit the touches the winner of the previous round gets.
  • Return to a closer distance and try to play 1 touch back and forth. Open the distance again each round.
  • (kicking the ball in the air could cost points, player’s choice)
  • 1 player or both players must use their weaker foot.

Week 4

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Week 5

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Week 6

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Week 7

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Week 8

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Week 9

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Week 10

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