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Tournaments in MA


The following is a list of tournaments that have been sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer. In order to be considered a sanctioned tournament, the hosting organization must submit an Application to Host Tournament and supporting documentation to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Office and the application must be approved. Tournaments scheduled for the same dates are listed in the order in which the Tournament Hosts submitted their Application to Host a Tournament.

May 27th-29th
Location: Danvers, MA
Age Groups: U8-U19
Teams: S3, S4, RT
May 27th-28th
Location: Wellesley, MA
Age Groups: U9-U10
Teams: S2, S3, S4, RT
May 27th-28th
Location: Huntington, MA
Age Groups: U9-U14
Teams: S1, S2, S3, S4, RT
Bridgewater YS
May 26th-29th
Location: Bridgewater, MA
Age Groups: U9-U16
Teams: S1, S2, S3, S4, RT


In the APPLICATION TO HOST A TOURNAMENT there is a column entitled “Type(s) of Team Accepted”. This designation is intended to identify the playing level of the teams that will be accepted to that tournament. All tournaments sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer must use the US Youth Soccer team definitions in order to ensure consistency in how the terms are applied. These team classifications have recently been updated.  In addition, the code depicting playing level is intended to ensure that no team is mismatched for the tournament in question. Please review Section 2. of the U.S. Youth Soccer's POLICY ON HOSTING TOURNAMENTS OR GAMES.

Questions about the applicability of your team to the codes and descriptions provided must be directed to the Tournament Director of the tournament you are considering not to Mass Youth Soccer. In addition, Coaches or Team Managers are encouraged to check the “Type(s) of Teams Accepted” column in the Application to Host a Tournament form when considering out-of-state tournaments.  

The following descriptions correspond to the “Type(s) of Team Accepted” code that appears on the APPLICATION TO HOST A TOURNAMENT. If more than one code letter appears in the listing, it means that the tournament will accept teams representing all identified categories.

SELECT TEAMS (teams formed by a selection or tryout process):

  • S1 generally a team which competes at the highest level of play in a state or region.
  • S2 generally a team which competes at other than the highest level of play in a state or region.
  • S3 generally a team which competes in a local area or state


  • S4 a team which is put together for the sole purpose of playing in a tournament or other sanctioned non-league competition, whose roster includes select players who are members of one club.


  • RT a team which was formed in a random nature without regard to players’ abilities.


  • ODP TEAM: the official US Youth Soccer Olympic Development team of US Youth Soccer, any of its regions, a State Association, an Affiliate, other Organization Member, or any district or geographical subdivisions thereof.
  • NATIONAL TEAM: the official national team of US Soccer or any other member of FIFA.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mass Youth Tournament Coordinator, Maureen LaRoche at

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