Mass Youth Soccer members can now get instantly approved tournament and travel forms right here on our web site. Four different authorization forms are available: (1) Permission to Travel to US Youth Soccer Event, (2) Guest Player Roster, (3) Notification of Participation in Another Organization's Event* and (4) Permission to Host Friendly Games. You can fill in the required data online. Once you click submit you are emailed an approved form certificate. You then simply print the form(s), agree to the terms by signing the printed page, and present the form and other required documents to the tournament/event which your team is attending. It's that easy.

* The Notification of Permission to Participate in Another Organization's Event should only be used for those events that DO NOT have a US Youth Soccer Permission to Host.

*If a team is traveling to a US Youth sanctioned event within any of the region 1 states,  the team does not have to present a permission to travel.  Mass Youth Soccer asks that you complete the on-line form and get your approval, just so we know you are traveling.

Please select from the list of forms below:

Permission to Travel to a US Youth Soccer sanctioned Tournament
Guest Player Roster Form
Team Notification of Participation in Another Organization's Event
Permission to Host Friendly Games

A reminder to all teams Under 10 and younger:  By policy adopted by the Mass Youth Soccer membership, all teams Under 10 and younger may play in tournaments (both inside and outside of Massachusetts) only if that tournament is advertised or marketed as a "Festival" a "Jamboree" or otherwise marketed as play that is non-results based. There shall be no awards based upon win/loss records for Under 10 and younger age groups. The tournament may provide participation awards for all players in these age groups. Participation in a tournament that does not meet these criteria is a violation of Mass Youth Soccer policies and procedures and could result in disciplinary action taken against either the team, coach, or both.

A reminder to all teams planning travel outside the U.S.:  A team that intends to travel outside the United States must secure permission to travel from both Mass Youth Soccer and U.S. Soccer. Complete the travel procedures available on this web site. However, additional permission to travel is also required from U.S. Soccer. These forms and instructions are available on the U.S. Soccer web site.