Placement and Registration of Athletes:

1. Registration procedures should be the same as those used for regular league teams. 
a. Registration form should include a section for medical history. 
b. Athletes with Down-syndrome should be required to have a current x-ray. If the x-ray is positive for their safety, it should be strongly recommended that they do not take part in team play. 
c. In some cases medical waivers may be required. 

2. Placement is made by ability not age.
3. Assessment test should be made available upon request.
4. Ensure that the experience is meaningful for the participating athletes, and one in which they feel they have made a contribution.

Recruiting Coaches

Contact local universities, schools and soccer clubs for volunteers. The State Coach or Director of Coaching for the state association is also a good source for coaches. No special training is required, however it is available through Mass Youth Soccer.