All players age 18 and over participating in affiliated leagues, who are not eligible for the Prior to 12 or First Registration option, will be required to complete the ITC Request Form (ITC 5-11). The form should be forwarded to Massachusetts Youth Soccer and U.S. Soccer Federation for processing. U.S. Soccer will then issue a formal ITC Request to their player’s former federation.
Per FIFA regulations the foreign Federation has up to 30 days from the date the ITC was formally requested to respond after which U.S. Soccer can issue a provisional international transfer clearance.
In order to complete this process, the player should follow these steps:
     1.     Complete the
ITC Request Form, including Section B (.pdf)
     2.     Forward documentation directly to the U.S. Soccer Federation

     3.     U.S. Soccer will process and request the player’s international clearance from their former federation.

     4.     The foreign federation has up to thirty (30) days to respond to our request.

     5.     Once a response is received, U.S. Soccer will notify Massachusetts Youth Soccer via e-mail 

     6.     If no response is received after 30 days, U.S. Soccer will issue a Provisional or temporary clearance, which will allow the player to register immediately, and notify Massachusetts Youth Soccer.