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Town Select League

The purpose of the TSL is for Mass Youth to partner with its town-based member organizations, in coordination with existing, recognized town travel (MTOC) leagues, to provide opportunities for town registered players to experience a higher level of training, development and competition. We hope to establish a bridge path to higher level state and club programs. The TSL is intended to be an extension of and enhancement to town programs, not competition for them. 


Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Oct 12th, 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd


Location: Wenham Iron Rail, 13 Rubbly Road, Wenham MA

7 v 7
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
7A 3:00pm Northeast Liberty B09 Red Northeast Whalers B09 Dark Green
9 v 9
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
8A 12 Noon Metro Beacons G07-Blue Yellow Northeast Whalers G07-Red Dark Green
8A 1:30pm Metro Beacons G07-Red Lime Yellow Northeast Whalers G07-Blue Dark Green
8B 12 Noon Metro Beacons B07-Blue Yellow Northeast Whalers B07-Red Dark Green
8B 1:30pm Metro Beacons B07-Red Yellow Northeast Whalers B07-Blue Dark Green
11 v 11
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
9 12 Noon Metro Beacons G04-Red Yellow Northeast Whalers G04-Blanch Dark Green
9 1:30pm Metro Beacons B04 Yellow Northeast Whalers B04-Blue Dark Green
9 3:00pm North C. Continentals G04 Orange Northeast Whalers G04 Blue-Bouchard Dark Green
9 4:30pm North C. Continentals B04 Orange Northeast Whalers B04-Red  Dark Green
Location: Mass Youth Soccer Complex at Progin Park, 512 Old Union Turnpike, Lancaster, MA
7 v 7
Field  Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
11 12 Noon Holden YS G09 White Northeast Whalers G09 Dark Green
11 1:30pm Metro Beacons G09 Yellow NC Spirit G09 Navy 
11 3:00pm Phantom Blazers B09 Red NC Spirit B09-Red Navy 
11 4:30pm Metro Beacons B09 Yellow NC Spirit B09-Blue Navy 
9 v 9
15A 12 Noon Northeast Liberty G07 Red NC Spirit G07-Red Navy 
15A 1:30pm North C. Continentals G07 Orange NC Spirit G07-Blue Navy 
15B 12 Noon Northeast Liberty B07 Red NC Spirit B07-Red Navy 
15B 1:30pm Leominster Youth Soccer B07 White NC Spirit B07-Blue Navy 
11 v 11
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
13 12:30pm  Northeast Liberty B04 Red NC Spirit B04 Navy
13 2:00pm Metro Beacons G04-Blue Yellow NC Spirit G04 Navy


TSL GAME SCHEDULE - October 14th

Wenham Iron Rail
13 Rubbly Road Wenham Ma
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
7A 12 Noon Northeast Liberty B09 Red Northeast Whalers B09 Lemon Yellow
7A 1:30pm Metro Beacons G09 Black NE Whalers G09 Lemon Yellow
8A 12 Noon Northeast Whalers B07-Red Lime Green Northeast Whalers B07-Blue Lemon Yellow
8A 1:30pm Northeast Whalers G07-Red Lime Green Northeast Whalers G07-Blue Lemon Yellow
9 12 Noon Northeast Whalers B04-Red  Lemon Yellow Northeast Liberty B04 Navy
9 1:30pm Northeast Whalers G04 Blue-Bouchard Lemon Yellow Northeast Whalers G04-Blanch Lime Green
Mass Youth Soccer Fields
512 Old Union Turnpike Lancaster, Ma. 
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
11 12 Noon NC Spirit Red B09 Columbia Blue Holden YS B09 Black
11 1:30pm NC Spirit Blue B09 Columbia Blue Metro Beacons B09 Black
11 3:00pm NC Spirit G09 Columbia Blue Littleton G09 Navy 
15A 12 Noon Fitchburg Youth Soccer B07 Red Northeast Liberty B07 Navy 
15A 1:30pm NC Spirit B07-Red Columbia Blue NC Spirit B07-Blue Navy 
15B 12 Noon North C Continentals G07 Orange Northeast Liberty G07 Navy 
15B 1:30pm NC Spirit Blue G07 Columbia Blue NC Spirit Red G07 Navy 
13 12:30pm  NC Spirit G04 Columbia Blue Metro Beacons Blue G04-Rowe Black
13 2:00pm NC Spirit B04 Columbia Blue NE Whalers Blue B04-Kiroukas Lime Green
Playstead Park
100 Playstead St. Medford , Ma. 
Field    Time Home Team Jersey Away Jersey
1 12 Noon Metro Beacons Blue G07 Gold Metro Beacons Red G07 Black
2 12 Noon Metro Beacons Blue B07 Gold Metro Beacons Red B07 Black
1 2:00pm Metro Beacons Boys 04 Gold North C Continentals B04 Charcoal Grey
1 3:30pm Metro Beacons Red G04-Sena Gold North C. Continentals G04 Black

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2018/19 TSL information document: Click here to Download (PDF)

TSL FAQ Document

For any questions, please email us at



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Player Benefits

  • Two games per month of match play and one-per-week practice schedule limits the required time commitment
  • Continued participation with friends and peers on their town travel team.
  • Match play occurs in a confined geographic area within the assigned Region setting reasonable limits on time and travel requirements.
  • Players receive advanced training and experience a higher level of competition with other players of like skills at minimized cost
  • Players train under the guidance of qualified, committed coaches.
  • Consistent teams and philosophy through fall, spring and optional winter seasons


Participation in the 2017/2018 program will be open to Mass Youth town organizations that are within the existing Essex, Middlesex, BAYS and Nashoba Valley league areas. 

Player Eligibility and Team Formation

  • Players may tryout and be selected for a Town Select Team if they are currently registered and participating in their town program.
  • The TSL is designed for players who seek a higher level of training and competition but have decided not to make the commitment to higher level programs at this point.
  • All players meeting age and participation criteria are invited to tryout, regardless of level of current town team assignment
  • The TSL will use USSF calendar year age group designations.  For the 2018/19 soccer year players born in 2009 will be 10U eligible; players born in 2008 will be 11U eligible; players born in 2007 12U eligible players born in 2006 will be 13U eligible; players born in 2005 will be 14U eligible and players born in 2004 will be 15U eligible. 
  • Tryouts take place starting in June and will be conducted by Mass Youth Soccer’s Technical Staff.   

TSL Season

  • The match schedule will consist of 4 stand alone Sunday matches with the season concluding jamboree of 2 games per team in the Fall and Spring. 
  • Teams will practice once per week to minimize disruption of town team practices.
  • Players will have the option to participate in our TSL Winter Indoor training program with other TSL players under the guidance of Mass Youth Soccer. The Winter Indoor Training will entail a separate registration and nominal additional fee. 


  • All Town Select League expenses will be covered by player fees including administrative expenses and referee fees
  • The total per player fee for fall/spring training and play will be $700 
  • Program fees will include up to 7-8 weeks of coaching each season (fall/spring), one practice per week; 6 Sunday matches and player uniforms.
  • Financial Aid is available and an FA application must be submitted prior to the start of the Fall season. 
  • Winter Indoor Training will be a separate nominal fee. 


  • Final selection of coaches will be by the DOC and the Mass Youth Soccer Technical Department. TSL Coaches will be independent contractors. 
  • Recommendation/endorsement by Towns will be highly encouraged and sought

Coaching Requirements

  • Experience – Minimum of 3 years coaching town soccer D1 or D2 teams at U12 or older
  • Licenses/Diplomas – Minimum requirement is the completion of the US Soccer Federation Grassroots 7 v 7, 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 OR a National D License.
  • Mass Youth Soccer Requirements – Accomplishing and maintaining all Mass Youth Soccer coaching educational and training requirements on an annual basis.
  • Professionalism – Must be in good standing with all Mass Youth Soccer affiliated organizations (towns, clubs, leagues).  This includes no sanctions based on disciplinary actions or persistent history of complaints.
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