The District Select Program ("DSP") is run by Massachusetts Youth Soccer each summer. DSP provides players the opportunity to continue their development during the summer in a fun and competitive soccer environment.


DSP Districts 
For the purposes of the DSP, the state is divided into seven Districts. Click the link below to find which district your town is in:

Please check your town's district, as the district boundaries have changed since last year
In the event a team in a player's age group and gender is not formed in the player's DSP District, the player may elect to play in the appropriate age group and gender in a neighboring DSP District.

DSP Season
The 2015 Season will begin on July 11th and end with a tournament the weekend of August 8th.   U11-U14 will play multiple games on game day. U15-U19 will play a single game. The length of each game will vary depending on the age group. All games will be played on Saturday or Sunday (those with a multiple-game schedule will have both games scheduled on the same day) at the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Fields at Progin Park in Lancaster, MA. While it is understood that a player may miss a game for family vacation, it is expected that all players will commit to being available for the tournament weekend. 


The cost for participation in DSP is $115.00 for players registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer.  Players who are not registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer are required to pay an additional $11.00 membership fee (if you played in a town or with a club during the past soccer season you will have been registered by that organization and you will not have to pay this fee).

In addition each player is required to purchase a uniform kit (shirt, shorts, and socks). The cost of the uniform is  $37.00 plus shipping and handling. Please note players will be responsible for purchasing their own uniform kit and will not be allowed to play until they have their uniform.  If a player is selected for a team, he or she will be sent a link for an online payment form for the participation fee.  Instructions will also be provided for ordering uniforms from our  partner  Financial Aid is available for those who demonstrate a compelling need.

Once a player has selected for a DSP team, he or she must formally make their DSP Payment on-line for the Program. This is a different process and in addition to the process of registering for DSP Tryouts. All registrations must be completed and submitted by June 1.

For those that have not yet registered, the registration deadline has been extended to June 7.

Coaches for DSP are committed to providing all of their players with a fun and competitive soccer environment.  If you are a coach and are interested in participating in the DSP program, please complete our online application to coach.  All applications will be reviewed by Ian M
ulliner, Technical Director of Massachusetts Youth Soccer and Nancy Hart, DSP Director.

Each year each DSP District conducts formal tryouts to select players for each of their teams. Each District is responsible for scheduling their own tryouts. All Tryouts will be held the last week in April through the first week in May. Players selected to play DSP will be notified by May 31.  For your District's contact information and tryout schedule select your District link below. 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Nancy Hart, Director of District Select Program at 781-812-1832 or