CORI Submitters' Frequently Asked Questions

• What does a CORI Submitter do, exactly? I can’t get anyone to volunteer for the position since I don’t know what’s involved.

The CORI Submitter will be verifying (collecting and reviewing picture IDs) and then submitting the CORI information (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and last 6 digits of Social Security Number) of all their adult participants to the secure Lock Box at 

Upon receipt, the information will be uploaded to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts iCORI portal. Massachusetts Youth Soccer will review all CORI results, and will perform notifications and appeals as we always have.  Be sure you name your form appropriately, e.g. “Lancaster Youth Soccer CORI Submitter Form” so that we know what the form is and who it’s from!

I have read the form and am uncomfortable signing it as is. What are my options?

Unfortunately the form comes from the Massachusetts state government, and we cannot legally change it. But rest assured knowing you are only signing on to be a CORI Submitter, and you will not be receiving the files or reviewing the CORI reports themselves.

• Does being a CORI Submitter for my local soccer organization open me up to personal liability?

No, since you are simply submitting First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth for all your coaches and adult volunteers in a spreadsheet form, as long as you keep that information secure, (and you will NOT be reviewing the CORI reports since the state returns them to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer office), there is no additional personal liability.

• How do we store the information Mass Youth Soccer says we need to store? It contains sensitive personal information and my club isn’t set up to handle this kind of storage.
Make sure to password protect any files with personal identifying information (including picture ID’s) on a password protected external hard drive or USB drive in a locked cabinet, and NOT on an internet-enabled personal computer. Again this is important enough to repeat, please store this password protected external drive in a file cabinet with a lock. This assures the information will be kept private and accessible only to you, the CORI submitter, which is a legal requirement.

• When and how often do the CORI Submitters need to perform their duties? How much of my time will I need to dedicate to this task?
All new adults will need to be submitted for a CORI Background check before the Fall and Spring seasons starts. Any new adults joining after that time will need to be submitted and processed before they can volunteer. In the future, all adults will need to have a CORI background check run on them every three years..

Time-wise, the Submitter will need to check IDs to be sure the first name, last name and date of birth for each adult submitted is complete and correct (no nicknames), and will also need to retain a copy of said ID, then go to our site and digitally sign an affidavit saying their adults have been submitted. The time necessary for this task will vary depending on how large the club is (how many adults’ IDs will need to be checked), and how the Submitter dictates that the IDs need to be presented to him/her.