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Massachusetts Youth Soccer encourages all young athletes to undergo baseline neurocognitive testing. This testing is used to measure brain functions like memory, decision-making and reaction times. Baseline test results are compared to tests performed after a concussion to assist doctors in determining when players can safely return to the game.

Our friends and partners at Boston Children's Hospital have been instrumental in helping Massachusetts Youth Soccer develop our Concussion Policy and in educating parents, players and coaches, They have even provided free baseline testing for all of our Olympic Development players.  

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Concussions are a serious health concern in youth sports. Massachusetts Youth Soccer is committed to the safety of our players and to educate our players, parents, coaches, referees and administrators in the dangers of concussion-related injuries. US Youth Soccer President John Sutter said, "Supporting the game we all love is a priority for US Youth Soccer, our 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations, and our local member clubs and associations across the country. Supporting the game also means helping to keep our players safe." 

Massachusetts Youth Soccer wil continue to provide our entire Membership with tools and resources... 

          To educate them on
the extreme dangers of concussions...
          How we can prepare for and protect against concussions...
          What causes concussions....
          How to recognize symptoms of a concussive injury and
          To detail how important proper medical assessment is in determining when a player can safely return to the game.

It is our strong recommendation that all coaches of all levels and ages of play take the free CDC Concussion Training Course as it can only help to best serve the children of Massachusetts. As a reflection of our commitment to public education on concussions, every candidate who enrolls in the Massachusetts Youth Soccer E-License Coaching Course is now required to take the Concussion Education Course on the CDC website.

The Massachusetts Youth Soccer policy  on concussions is intended to be clear and unambiguous so as to accurately reflect the seriousness of concussion-related injuries and our unwavering commitment to keeping our children safe.
A player removed from participation as a result of a head injury or symptoms similar to those of a concussion shall not be permitted to return to play to any extent until they have provided their team coach with a written unconditional “Medical Clearance to Return to Play” from a licensed Medical Doctor.
ItIt is our expectation that this policy will clarify protective measures for all involved in youth soccer in Massachusetts and simplify communication between coaches and parents when concussion related issues arise.