Player Development *

  • Mass Youth Staff can provide weekly age group clinics and/or weekly team clinics
  • Mass Youth Staff can develop curriculum for age group(s) or team(s)
  • All of our sessions are open to town/team coaches wanting to help or observe

Coach/Player Development (with Mass Youth Instructors as assistants) *

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Coach/Player Development Program differs from all others in that our primary goal is not to build business, but rather to mentor town/club organizations until the organization becomes self-sufficient. Our aim is not to take ownership of the organization’s player development program, but rather to help set-up, organize, implement and supervise the program.

  • All sessions are written up prior to start of season and sent to age group coordinator(s) and coaches in a particular age group (can be given out at the Specialty Clinic...see explanation below).
  • Mass Youth Coaches attend each week and give a demonstration of the activities to be used prior to the start of the session (will utilize coaches in attendance…attendance should be mandatory and participation is encouraged).
  • Age group coaches run sessions with teams/groups and the Mass Youth Coaches will assist when necessary (hands-on and verbally).
  • Age group coaches run activities for 30-45 minutes maximum then have scrimmages for approximately 30-45 minutes maximum (using dual field format).
  • The lead Mass Youth Coach at the site will then send a weekly feedback email to the age group coordinator detailing what is going well and what areas need improvement (age group coordinator to share with age group coaches).
  • Town coordinators will determine duration (# of weeks) of the program.
  • Age groups will be up to the town (can either do specific teams or age groups).

Specialty Clinic is a two hour clinic, free of charge, for the town coaches at the start of the program. This clinic is scheduled just prior to the start of the season.  At this clinic, Mass Youth Coaches demonstrate some of the age appropriate activities for the town coaches, discuss what to expect at particular age levels, and answer any questions the town coaches may have.  Click HERE to register for a Specialty Clinic.

Coach/Player Development (with town coaches as assistants) *

  • Able to set up weekly age group clinics and/or weekly team clinics and utilize town/team coaches as assistants
  • Mass Youth Staff develop curriculum for age groups or team(s)
  • Mass Youth Staff train players with town/club coaches as assistants

*  All of the above programs can be specifically designed (within the recommended guidelines of Massachusetts Youth Soccer) for a towns’ or clubs’ particular needs.

To schedule a Mass Youth Staff Coach and/or for pricing information please contact Tara Petricca at