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Adult Credentials

This Spring will commence the first season of play by which all registered, affiliated and CORI approved adults will be required to have a Mass Youth Soccer Adult Credential. The primary purpose of the Adult Credential is for all parents of children to feel comfortable that all adults involved with their training, safety, well-being, coaching, etc. have been properly CORI checked and are in good standing (registered and affiliated, thus insured) by Mass Youth Soccer.  Initially we are relying on each member organization (towns, clubs, and leagues) to act as an SRO (Self-Regulatory Organization) in making sure their adults are in compliance by displaying and possessing the credential as described next.

Initially when arriving at the field the adult should have their credential worn around their neck.  Then, in order not to hamper their activities (coaching, lining fields, running, etc.) they may, if necessary, store the credential with their personal belongings during that activity.

Note:  We expect all coaches to make every reasonable effort to wear the credentials at all times while working with the children.

The Credentials are universal.  As long as a coach has a valid credential, is registered and affiliated with Mass Youth Soccer and all organization’s he or she is participating with and is CORI Approved, that adult can work with any of his or her listed member organizations.  It is required that they also meet the requirements of the league (i.e. having a valid coach ID Pass Card).

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association has no expectation that a referee will have any responsibilities for checking, managing, dealing with or handling any issues related to Adult Credentials.

Adult Credential are issued by a person designated by a member organization (i.e. CORI Submitter, Registrar) who has access permissions into the Affinity system to print them.

Prior to printing Credentials for your members:

Adult should be CORI Approved through July 31, 2017

If not, then the “Thank you for registering” email the adult received from Affinity Sports ( contains the CORI Request Link.

  • Ensure headshot photo is of pass card quality
  • Color photo
  • Head shot
  • Clear, not too dark
  • Only registered adult in photo
  • If not acceptable, delete photo?

How to print your organization’s Credentials:  Credential Help Guide - Affinity

Important note:  You will be unable to print a Credential if the adult does not have a Risk Status of either Approved or Conditional, or if the adult does not have a photo attached to their registration. Thus, if an adult has a Risk Status of None, CORI Resubmit, Pending, Expired, In-process, Suspended or Under Review a credential will not be available for them.

You also may be unable to print your organization’s Credentials if your computer does not accept pop ups from  Please review the Pop Up Blockers PDF to learn how to adjust your settings.

Please refer to New Adult Registration CORI Submitter Procedures document for the complete list of Risk Status Verbiage.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer will supply you plastic sleeves and lanyards for your organization’s Adult Credentials.  We recommend that you purchase perforated paper for the printing of Credentials; you may purchase the correct size paper from any vendor you choose. 

How to Order Credentials Lanyards and Plastic Sleeves

Please click the link below for directions for ordering Lanyards, plastic sleeves and printing your organizations Credentials.

How to Order Credentials Lanyards and Plastic Sleeves

Lanyards and Plastic Sleeves Order Form

Below is the information for ordering the Blank Name Tag Insert for the Credentials.

PC/Nametag can be reached at 888.354.7868

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