Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does the program work?
ODP teams are based out of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer office in Lancaster, MA.  There is one state team pool per gender/age group, U13 through U17. Tryouts are in August every year.  Tryouts determine which players will be included in the ODP Pool teams.  The pool teams have indoor practices every other week from early January through the end of March.  The pool teams then practice outdoors every week (usually on Monday afternoons so as not to conflict with club team training) from April through the end of June, and attend camps, play-days, and tournaments in that time.

2.    How large are the player pools?
All age groups are a little different, but roughly anywhere from 27 to 45 players are in each pool. 

3.    How much does the program cost?
The indoor pool fee is approximately $250, and the final team fee is approximately $1250.  ODP is a self-funded program. These numbers will vary depending on what facilities charge us to rent indoor space, and what the Region charges us to send players to camp and tournaments.  ODP does offer scholarships. The scholarship application is included in the Player Handbook sent to those players that make the indoor pool teams. 

4.    What is the Region 1 ID Camp?  Does everyone get to go?
The Region 1 ID Camp is an opportunity for Massachusetts ODP players to be identified by regional and national ODP coaches, and considered for inclusion on the regional and national ODP teams.  Region 1 establishes all of the policies and procedure pertaining to the Region 1 ID camp.

5.      How many people can go to the Region 1 ODP (Rider) Tournament?
Region 1 policy limits all state ODP rosters for the Region 1 Tournament held at and around Rider University in New Jersey in early June to 18 players. The U13 and U14 boys and girls are double teams, which means we are able to bring 2 teams of 18, or 36 total players, to the Region 1 Tournament in those age groups.

6.      Are we playing every weekend on the indoor schedule?
No, you will probably be playing twice a month for about a 5-hour period. You will have a practice, a classroom session, and scrimmage time during each of these periods.

7.      We received an invoice in the player packet.  Who do we make payment out to and where do we send it?
Payment should be made out to Massachusetts Youth Soccer and it should be mailed to Massachusetts Youth Soccer, Attn: ODP, 512 Old Union Turnpike, Lancaster, MA 01523.  You can also pay your ODP Fees online.

8.      I never received my player packet in the mail, how do I get a copy of one?
If you don't receive a player packet by the end of November and you know for a fact you have been accepted into the pool, please contact Maureen LaRoche at the office at  mlaroche@mayouthsoccer.org or 978-466-8812 ext. 221 and she will make sure that you receive one as soon as possible.

9.    I filled out the player code of conduct and medical release that was included in the player packet.  Where do I send it?
The player code of conduct and medical release are to be given to your team administrator.  DO NOT SEND THESE TO THE MASS YOUTH SOCCER OFFICE.  If you don't know who your team administrator is, you will meet him/her at your first practice.  If after that date you still don't know who they are, call or email Kate at the Mass Youth Soccer office.

10.  How many players will be taken after the pool cut?
This question is not that easy to answer.  This program is based on talent and not a certain number of players being involved.  A prediction but not a concrete number would be somewhere between 22 and 25.

11.  How many goalkeepers will be accepted to move on, and out of those, after Pool training, how many will be taken to Rider Cup?
We are not sure how many will move on to the next level, this will be based on what we have for talent.  Usually 2 goalkeepers will go to the Region 1 (Rider) Tournament but sometimes we take only one.