Was your child injured during a soccer game or practice?

If so, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Excess Medical Benefits Insurance Coverage may be able to help cover expenses. 

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Are we covered my Massachusetts Youth Soccer Insurance when my tem plays indoor soccer?

Is the soccer camp in my town covered by insurance?



As an affiliate of U.S. Youth Soccer, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, Inc. has obtained and maintains insurance for its Membership. Insurance coverage through Massachusetts Youth Soccer, both general liability and medical, extends only to soccer-related events that are fully sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer.

The various types of coverage included in the Massachusetts Youth Soccer insurance policies are set forth in detail in the links below.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

Excess Soccer Accident Medical Expense Benefits

Liability Insurance

To be covered by Massachusetts Youth Soccer insurance, a player, team, coach and/or organization MUST...
     .....be affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer. This means that they must be properly registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer and must have completed all of the requisite paperwork to complete that registration. 

     .....be engaged in a soccer-related event.

     .....must be engaged in an event that is sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer. 

Examples of soccer events that ARE sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer:

     .....Training sessions and practices that are conducted in the normal course of a team's play. Even training sessions or practices conducted at indoor facilities are fully sanctioned. 

     .....Competitions in a League sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer are covered.  

     .....Competitions in a Tournament sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer are covered.

     .....Competitions in a Tournament out-of-state that are sanctioned by U.S. Youth Soccer and for which the team obtains the requisite Permission to Travel from Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

Examples of soccer events that ARE NOT not covered by Massachusetts Youth Soccer insurance policies:

     .....Competitions in an indoor facility, whether in an indoor league or tournament, unless the league or tournament has been specifically sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

     .....Competition in an out-of state tournament for which the team did not obtain the requisite permission to travel from Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

     .....Competition at a tournament that has not been sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

     .....Camps operated by coaches or companies unaffiliated with the town or club program or which are open to players who are not registered through their town or club program.

The basis of these limitations of coverage is the issue of control. The closer a soccer activity is to an activity in the normal course of the traditional fall and spring outdoor seasons, the more likely a program will have total control over the activity and the more likely it is to be included within the parameters of our coverage. Conversely, the further away an activity gets from such traditional outdoor seasons, the less control a program will have over it and the more likely coverage would not extend to it. Should anyone ever have any question on whether a particular soccer activity is covered please contact Tara Petricca at tpetricca@mayouthsoccer.org.