Parking in our complex in a manner that hinders the flow of traffic and/or threatens the safety of our visitors in any way will result in the towing of your vehicle at your expense. Parking is permitted ONLY in specifically designated areas and is AT NO TIME permitted on or along any roadways in the complex.

Please help us keep our complex safe and enjoyable!


We have two parking areas that provide ample parking for all of our events at Progin Park. Visitors MUST know upon which field their player is playing. This enables visitors to park in the parking area designated for their player's specific field. The appropriate parking areas are designated by signage throughout the complex and by parking attendants on duty.

     • Visitors going to the Lower Fields (Nos. 1-10) MUST park in the Main Lot. If this lot is full we will direct you to the Quarry lot that has ample overflow parking. Courtesy carts provide ongoing service for any people needing transport from the back lot to the front fields.

      • Visitors going to the Upper Fields (No. 11-16) MUST park in the Quarry Lot located behind Fields No. 11-16.

     • At all times Visitors must comply with directions of Massachusetts Youth  Soccer Parking Attendants.

     • Any vehicle parked in an unauthorized area WILL BE TOWED at the owner’s expense.

Click here for more information on handicapped parking areas.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer has worked diligently to meet the needs and wishes of our visitors. The convenience and comfort of all of our visitors depends entirely upon everyone's cooperation in parking where they are supposed to. Please help us make everyone's visit to our complex as safe, convenient and enjoyable as possible.