Dick Threadgould, Facilities Manager

Complex Office 978-598-3617 or 978-466-8812 ext 239


Nestled along the Mohawk Trail in Lancaster Massachusetts is one of the premier soccer complexes in the country. Opened in 2007, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Fields at Progin Park is a field facility with 11 natural grass and 5 synthetic turf fields. Each field meets FIFA international regulation guidelines in size (110 yards x 75 yards). When you come over the rise at the top of the parking lot and see the expanse of fields below you it is almost too much for words. The natural grass fields are Kentucky Blue Grass and each field is maintained at the highest level so that every time a player steps between the lines, they are playing on the best ‘pitch’ they have ever encountered.

The Fields at Progin Park are meticulously maintained, periodically rested and over seeded to ensure that each is of professional superiority. The complex sits on 130 acres with ten international-sized fields near the intersection of Routes 2 and 70 in the so-called Drumlin Area. Five of these ten fields are state-of-the-art all-weather Field Turf synthetic turf fields. The Drumlin Area provides parking, and a permanent main pavilion for registration, awards ceremonies, and the like. Over the river and through the woods quite literally is the Quarry Area. This houses six more international sized natural grass fields.

Entwined through the woods is a lovely one mile trail complete with picnic benches and outdoor grills. These will provide places to wander, to learn, to picnic, and simply to unwind and cool off after a hard match. The complex also has a pavillion with rest rooms, vending machines an ATM, a concession stand and an office. We have also installed lightning shelters throughout the complex to protect our visitors in the event of inclement weather.