Dick is our Facilities Manager. He and all of his Field Staff are responsible for maintaining the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Complex at Progin Park. Dick and his staff work tirelessly to create one of the most pristine, professional and safe soccer environments in the country. Dick and his entire staff are also entrusted with making certain all of our visitors adhere to the Rules of Conduct throughout the complex.
 Please read and obey all our complex traffic and parking rules and general rules of conduct. Our Staff is here to make everyone's experience at our field complex as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Please help by obeying our rules and by thinking of others.


The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Field Complex at Progin Park in Lancaster, MA is one of the finest youth sports facilities in the country. In order to maintain the facility, Massachusetts Youth Soccer must ask each visitor to follow simple rules and procedures. Our Facilities Manager,Dick Threadgould, is responsible for maintaining the complex and for enforcing the rules of behavior. The following activities shall be strictly prohibited without exception at any time and at any location in Progin Park.  


1.   Unsafe, careless, or negligent behavior while engaging in Tournament Host's activities;

2.   Any activity that may reasonably be expected to cause or which will or may foreseeably injure or harm any person or persons or which will deface or cause damage to Mass Youth’s property or the property of others;

3.   The possession, sale or use of any alcoholic beverages of any kind and/or any unlawful drugs or substances;

4.   Use of any tobacco products;

5.   Playing any other sport or engaging in any other activity other than soccer;

6.   The presence of any pet of any sort other than seeing-eye dogs.

7.   The use of off road motorized vehicles and skimobiles;

8.   The possession of any fire arm whether licensed or not.

9.   The use of any public address system, amplifier and/or megaphone.

10.  The use of any generator, cooking appliance or barbecue grill.

11.  Any activity which may reasonably be expected to produce any unusual, noxious or objectionable smoke, gas, vapor or odor;

12.  The posting of any signs or advertisements or the distribution of any written materials calculated to generate business in any way for Tournament Host or others;

13.  Taking up collections or making solicitations of any kind.

14.  The marking of lines on any field surface with paint, tape or any other substance or material.

15.  Use of the Fields in any manner that may be contrary to the interests of Mass Youth or its programs.

16.  Use of the Fields for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose, or in any manner that in the sole discretion or judgment of the Mass Youth is offensive or contrary to the interests.

17.  Parking on any public way, including Route 70 and Old Union Turnpike. Mass Youth shall provide Tournament Host with all applicable parking regulations.


1.   The use of chewing gum;

2.   The consumption of sunflower seeds or shelled nuts;

3.   The consumption of any food or drink other than water;

4.   The use or possession of glass containers of any kind;

5.   The use of roller blades, skateboards or bicycles;

6.   The use of metal cleats or spikes, or plastic cleats longer than ¼”;

7.   The use or erection of any tent, tarp, structure or object which will or may foreseeably cause the penetration of the synthetic surface