"...Massachusetts Youth Soccer wants to help your organization run the best tryouts ever! Tryouts are a stressful process for kids and often pose difficulties for organizations and their coaches. We can help by helping you run highly professional, efficient and totally objective tryouts. We want your kids to enjoy the game and to give you the chance to evaluate your players in a fun and realistic game environment..."

 Lynn Gugliuzza, Staff Coach

Soccer tryouts can be extremely stressful for players, parents, coaches and organizations especially for young players. It is an imperfect process and mistakes can be made. Increasingly, town and club organizations are turning to Massachusetts Youth Soccer for assistance in conducting their tryouts. Through a close collaboration with the town or club organization, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coaches will help run professional, well-organized and entirely objective tryouts.

The Goal...

Our goal is to help organizations find those players who can have a positive impact during game situations and to place every player on a team based on their individual abilities. The proper placement of players is critical to creating a positive soccer environment for every player. Technically proficient players who cannot perform in traffic or when under pressure should not be placed on top teams. In contrast, some players whose technical skills may not be as advanced as others, but whose athletic skills and understanding of the game is advanced, should be challenged in an optimal environment to develop technical skills and help the team.

The Process...

A Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coach will meet with the person responsible for the organization's tryouts and all of the orgainization's evaluators to preview the process for up to an hour before the first day of tryouts. The tryout process, what to look for when evaluating players, and how to use the evaluation material gained to form teams will all be discussed. End-of-th-season evaluation from coaches during the prior year should be included in this process. The ratio of the organization's evaluators to players should be 1:12, with one Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coach to a maximum of 30 players.

The organization will be responsible for the registration of all players. Each player should be given a number of some sort (e.g. numbered pinnies) to be worn by the players so that it is visible to make identification of individual players during tryouts more efficient.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coaches will run the whole tryout process, including placing players in groups to play.  The organization's coaches and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Coaches will evaluate each player in the following categories: 

           Technique...........Tactical Awareness.........Athleticism

Evaluations in each category will be made on a 3-point scale. In addition each evaluator will provide specific comments to reinforce each of their rankings.

Within a week after the conclusion of the tryouts, Massachusetts Youth Soccer will provide the organization with a listing of all players for each age and gender group ranked in order.

Suggested Logistics...

Tryouts should be run for at least 2 days. Each session should be for 1.25 to 1.50 hours each day for each age/gender group being evaluated, in order to appropriately evaluate each player. 

On a field approximately 100 yds long X 60 yds wide:

 U10....40-50 players,   U12...maximum of 40 players,   U13and over..maximum of 35 players

Cost:   The cost is based upon a rate of $65.00 per hour per Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coach.

Cancellations due to local weather and/or field conditions will be made by the organization and Massachusetts Youth Soccer. Cancellations will be made at least 3 hours before the scheduled time.

For more information or to schedule Massachusetts Youth Soccer Staff Coaches for your tryouts, contact Lynn Gugliuzza at lynng@mayouthsoccer.org.