Board Meetings

The soccer world and organizations within the soccer world are constantly changing and developing. It is quite probable that the ideas and changes you are contemplating have been discussed and tried previously by other organizations around the country. There is no need to recreate the wheel. It is much easier to implement the successes and eliminate the failures.

• A Mass Youth Instructor is available to come out to your meeting, and discuss any topics that you choose.
• Our staff can let you know what other towns or clubs have tried to address the same concerns you are discussing.
• Whether it be a proven path of player development, maintaining a volunteer network or structuring a board to maximize efficiency, our staff is happy to share the information that is already available and help ease the process for your organization.

Board Development

Some towns and/or clubs are looking to run their boards more effectively and efficiently. Many times there are too few doing too much or too many doing too little…the mission/philosophy/goals can be lost without proper understanding of board members’ roles and what the town or club is trying to achieve in the short and long term. 
We can help!

• We will work with boards to develop a common ground for their mission, philosophy and goals.
• Homework will be assigned to board members…they will need to answer questions pertaining to their own individual perception of the town or club mission, philosophy and goals.
• Will require a minimum of two meetings with all board members in attendance.

To bring in Mass Youth Soccer to attend a BOARD Meeting or assist with your Board's Development, please contact Tara Petricca at: