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The D - License Course

Course Description
The "D" license is a 36 to 40-hour course designed for the experienced coach who has already earned a National "E" license. The focus of this course is to improve a coaches’ ability to positively influence individual players and teams.
Course Overview
The course curriculum is targeted towards coaches of players who are in the Intermediate Stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model. A candidate who earns his or her D - License will be granted either a "National D" or a "State D". Candidates who earn their "National D" will be free to pursue further USSF licensure. Candidates who earn their "State D" who wish to progress to national licenses must achieve a "National D" passing grade.

Coaches looking to upgrade to a National D - License are required to attend the entire course no sooner than 3 months after the date of the Performance review phase.

Successful completion of the E License course a minimum of 5 months prior to the D course start date.
Prior to the course commencement coaches are required to complete the pre-course work outlined below.
Download D License Candidate Guidebooks.

Course Content
The course has 4 phases that you will need to successfully complete to achieve a National Passing Grade.
Phase 1 is the Pre- Course Phase.
Phase 2 is the Instructional Phase – The First weekend.
Phase 3 is the Deliberate Practice Phase – At least 1 full fall, winter or spring season.
Phase 4 is the Performance Review Phase – The Second weekend no earlier than 10 weeks after the date of the first weekend – The Instructional Phase.
For the Pre – Course Phase:  You will need to complete a lesson plan with three pre-assigned Coaching Themes. These three lesson plans need to be received by the Technical Director at least one week prior to the Instructional Phase start date and will be reviewed on day one of the Instructional Phase of the course.

For the Instructional Phase: You will be allocated a coaching theme 1 week prior to day 1 of the Instructional phase of the course by your assigned instructor. You are required to present your coaching theme on day 2 of the course. At the conclusion of your presentation you will receive feedback from your assigned instructor regarding your coaching performance.

For the Deliberate Practice Phase: You should select three topics from 12 pre-determined Coaching Themes. The list of coaching themes will be sent to you along with the pre-course assignments. One of the themes must be from the attacking list, one must be from the defending list, and one must be from the goalkeeper list.  You are required to conduct each of your three selected topics with your team during this Deliberate Practice phase. You are required to discuss your lesson plan with your assigned instructor prior to running the session with your team.

For the Performance Review Phase: Your assigned instructor will allocate your Final testing theme to be presented on the final day of the course. You will be assessed and graded during this presentation to determine your final testing award. Your final testing theme will be allocated after the Deliberate Practice Phase has been completed.

Course Cost: $300
Materials to bring to the course

• Soccer Ball
• Water
• Appropriate clothing (dressed to participate)
• Paper and writing utensil
• Lunch (if all day course)

Given out at the course
• Coaching Program shirt

I hope that the information provided above is clear and helpful. If you have any questions regarding the information presented here, please do not hesitate to contact me at