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Please use the Document search below to download our U6 plans from previous years. 

Please note, all Massachusetts Youth Soccer session plans are provided in good faith and must not be utilized for assignments for US Soccer or United Soccer Coaches education courses. We welcome coaches and organizations to share, use and build upon all Mass Youth Soccer Session plans as long as appropriate credit is given. 


In order to make practices run smoothly and be fun, it is important for us to have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional and physical developmental stage of the players we are coaching. Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 6 player.

  • Focused on themselves – reality to them is based on what they see and feel
  • Unable to see the world from another’s perspective 
  • Everything is in the here and now
  • Cooling systems are less efficient - need frequent water breaks 
  • Enjoy playing, not watching. Every player should have a ball in practice
  • Limited attention span - keep directions concise and to the point
  • Effort is performance – if they try hard, they are doing well
  • Active imaginations – utilize their imagination in activities, and they will love practice!
  • Look for adult approval – be encouraging when they say “Coach, look what I can do!”
  • Unable to think abstractly – spatial relationships are a mystery 
  • Typically have 2 speeds -- extremely fast and stopped
  • Usually unaware of game scores – keep it that way
Document Description Post Date
U6 Spring 2016 - Week 5 - Famous Books .PDF Document Hungry Caterpillar Hansel and Gretel The Cat in the Hat Tiggers v Rabbits Mar 17, 2016
U6 Spring 2016 - Week 4 Cars .PDF Document Red Light Green Light Chaos on the Highway Monster Trucks Demolition Derby 4v4 Mar 17, 2016
U6 Spring 2016 - Week 3 Pirates .PDF Document Steal the Treasure Pirate Invasion Capture the Cannon Balls Two Headed Sea Monster 4v4 Mar 17, 2016
U6 Spring 2016 - Week 2 Jungle .PDF Document 4 Surfaces Cross the Amazon Crocs in the River Rumble in the Jungle 2v2 4v4 Mar 17, 2016
U6 Spring 2016 - Week 1 Animals .PDF Document U6 Eagles Nest Boston Bulldog Coyote and Roadrunner Tigers v Lions 4v4 Mar 17, 2016
U6 Fall 2015 - Week 10 -Soccer Festival .PDF Document U6 3v3 Dec 03, 2015
U6 Fall 2015 - Week 9 - Monsters .PDF Document U6 Dragons Den Two Headed Monsters Mud Monsters 2v2 Dragons v Monsters 3v3 Dec 03, 2015
U6 Fall 2015 - Week 8 - Cartoons .PDF Document U6 Inside Out Wreck it Ralph Frozen Tag Get Outta There 3v3 Dec 03, 2015
U6 Fall 2015 - Week 27 - Sports Teams .PDF Document U6 Redsox - 3 Strikes Your Out Patriots Touchdown Run Celtics - 1v1 Point Guard Bruins - 1v1 Behind the Goals Revs - 3v3 Dec 03, 2015
U6 Fall 2015 - Week 5 - Ocean .PDF Document U6 Cross the Ocean Sharks and Minnows Capture the Treasure 1v1 3v3 Dec 03, 2015
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