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Session Plans are organized by Player Age Groups and by Training Themes. Each Practice Plan is designed specifically to be age appropriate. Age groups are designated in even years (i.e. U6, U8, U10, etc.) but the sessions are also appropriate for the odd year preceding the age group listed (e.g. U6 practice plans are appropriate for U5 players). If you believe that your players need more or less challenge, feel free to try Practice Plans in an older or younger age group. Click on an age group button to view our session plans! 

Click here for article on our Grass Roots Session Plans by Technical Director Ian Mulliner

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Document Description Post Date
U8 Fall 2016- Week 9- Passing/Dribbling .PDF Document Pattern Dribble Cops and Robbers Pairs Cops and Robbers 2 v 2 to Goal (More Passes, More Points) Jul 31, 2017
U8 Fall 2016- Week 10- Passing .PDF Document Pairs Passing Competitions Capture the Balls 2v2 Castle Combat Up and Down Numbers "Get Outta There" Jul 31, 2017
U8 Fall 2016- Full Session Plan .PDF Document Week 1 through week 10 session plans U8 Jul 31, 2017
U8 Fall 2016- Week 1- Dribbling .PDF Document 4 Surfaces - Dribbling Crocs in the River Score in Any Goal 2v2 Combat Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 7 -Dribbling .PDF Document 4 Surfaces-Dribbling (Explore the Jungle) Cross the Amazon Crocs in the River 2v2 Rumble in the Jungle Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 8 -Dribbling .PDF Document Eagles Nest Boston Bulldogs Coyote & Roadrunner Tigers vs Lions Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 9 -Dribbling .PDF Document The Hungry Caterpillar Hansel & Gretel The Cat In The Hat vs Things 1 & 2 Tiggers vs Rabbits (Whinnie the Pooh) Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 10 -Dribbling .PDF Document 10 Touches x 2 to Goal 3 Strikes You're Out 4 Corner Shootout All 5 Wins Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 6 -Dribbling .PDF Document Steal The Treasure Pirates' Invasion Capture the Cannon Balls Two-Headed Sea Monster Jul 31, 2017
U6 Fall 2016- Week 5 -Dribbling .PDF Document Red Light/Green Light Chaos on the Highway Crushing Monster Trucks Demolition Derby Jul 31, 2017
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