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10U (3rd/4th Grade) Grassroots Session Plans - Fall 2017

Attacking Sessions
Building up in the Defensive half

Building up in the Defensive half

Building up in the Attacking half

Building up in the Attacking half

Scoring Goals from Central Areas Scoring Goals from Wide Areas
Defending Sessions
Disrupting Build up play in the Attacking Half Disrupting Build up play in the Defensive Half
Preventing Scoring Chances from Central Areas Preventing Scoring Chances from Wide Areas


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Please use the Document search below to download our 10U plans from previous years.

Please note, all Massachusetts Youth Soccer session plans are provided in good faith and must not be utilized for assignments for US Soccer or NSCAA coach education courses. We welcome coaches and organizations to share, use and build upon all Mass Youth Soccer Session plans as long as appropriate credit is given. 


In order to make practices run smoothly and be fun, it is important to have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental stage of the players we are coaching. Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 10 player:

  • Attention span lengthens and they start to show the ability to sequence thoughts and actions.
  • Players start to think ahead and think “If this, then that”
  • Players are more inclined towards wanting to play soccer rather than being told to play
  • Demonstrate increased self-responsibility
  • Players start to recognize fundamental tactical concepts
  • Begin to become aware of peer pressure.
  • Players affiliate with their team or their coach
  • There is a wide continuum of maturity evident on most teams.
  • U10 is still a crucial age for technical skill development.
Document Description Post Date
U10 Fall 2014 - Week 4 - Individual Defending .PDF Document U10 Defending Tackling 1v1 3v3 4v4 Dec 03, 2015
U10 Fall 2014 - Week 3 - Goalkeeping I .PDF Document U10 Goalkeeping Shuffle and Catch GK Wars Handling 4v4 6v6 Dec 03, 2015
U10 Fall 2014 - Week 2 - Passing and Receiving .PDF Document U10 Passing Receiving Passing Houses 3v3 4v4 6v6 Dec 03, 2015
U10 Fall 2014 - Week 1 - Dribbling and Turning .PDF Document U10 Dribbling Turning 3v3 4v4 6v6 Dec 03, 2015
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