Blue Heron/Northeast Promotion & Apparel Company
NEPA is the Official T-shirt and Promotional Apparel Provider of Massachusetts Youth Soccer. They provide t-shirts and other apparel items for all of our programs, camps and tournaments. They provide deep discounts and phenomenal customer service - and give ALL of our member organizations a 30% discount.

For your 30% discount on all t-shirts and other apparel items, contact Matt Olivari
300 HAMILTON ST. LEOMINSTER, MA 01453 Phone (978) 840-1813 Fax (978) 840-1821

Matt Olivari sporting one of the windbrakers NEPA donated
to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Annual Golf Classic.
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To access a list of the youth soccer organizations that are affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer as of August 1, 2014 click here. This list of Affiliated Organizations shall be updated periodically.

For any questions, please contact Rachel Woo at

Please note: Affiliation does not mean a particular club is up-to-date in its registration requirements. It simply means that the particular club or organization has properly submitted the written instruments and governing documents and other materials necessary to become an affilliate of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

Notice to New Organizations
New youth soccer organizations that wish to be affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer must submit an acceptable constitution and bylaws to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer office by June 1 of the preceding soccer year in order to qualify for play in the following soccer year. Hence, to qualify for play at any time during the 2014-2015 soccer year, a new organization must submit the requisite documentation to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Executive Director before June 1st. Should the organization's documentation be deemed acceptable, it will receive written notice. Failure to provide a constitution and bylaws or one that gains acceptance by this date will result in their needing to wait until the next soccer calendar year for affiliation.