What Do We Do?

 With its mission statement in mind, Mass Youth Soccer has developed some long-range objectives to serve as benchmarks to measure its success.  These goals are:

     To create equal opportunities for Massachusetts youth to play soccer at all levels.

     To train adults to serve as coaches, referees and administrators.

     To increase awareness of soccer in Massachusetts and the role Mass Youth Soccer can play to promote its development and expansion.

     To develop corporate sponsorship to help fund Mass Youth Soccer programs, events or special projects.

     To create a statewide soccer facility to help relieve pressure of finding sufficient fields for our continued growth. 

     To create playing opportunities and development using creative means for small-sided soccer.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association is the official representative of the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer), the national governing body for soccer in the United States, and United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) in Massachusetts.  At the international level, Massachusetts Youth Soccer is a member of the Federation Internationiale de Football Association (FIFA).  FIFA is the worldwide governing body for soccer and is responsible for organizing, developing and promoting the game of soccer throughout the world.  Despite the size of our state, Massachusetts Youth Soccer is the second largest of 55 state youth soccer associations in the country. We have over 200,000 members.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer exists to promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth of Massachusetts and to encourage the healthy development of those players.  It does so by offering and sponsoring a variety of programs designed to improve the quality of players, coaches and administrators.  All levels of soccer are offered:

          The recreational player who is out to enjoy the game and “just have fun”
  •           The club or travel team player who enjoys the spirit of competition
  •           The premier player who is looking to play at the highest levels
Members are affiliated by more than 427 separate town and club soccer organizations throughout the state.  While these organizations administer their own local programs, they often take advantage of the assistance provided by Massachusetts Youth Soccer (1) to develop and educate their coaches and players, (2) to provide insurance coverage for their participants and (3) for administrative assistance.  The majority of the players participate in league play during the Spring and Fall soccer seasons.  The remaining players, largely between the ages of 5 and 10, play through in-town recreational programs.

In line with the goal to enhance the game of soccer for the youth, Massachusetts Youth Soccer has also developed a close working, mutually beneficial relationship with the New England Revolution and the Boston Breakers.  These efforts on the national front, as well as our support of international events, demonstrate the importance of combining youth and professional soccer in order to aid the continual growth of soccer in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer has also developed partnerships with many corporations (see our
Partner Page)and we take advantage of national US Youth Soccer sponsors such as Kohl's.  These partnerships reflect the fact that youth soccer is a lucrative market for corporate America, and that Massachusetts Youth Soccer is the type of organization that supports its sponsors in a professional manner. Our organization has direct communication with an attentive and loyal audience of dedicated parents and coaches. The corporate sponsorships help to support various programs and events of Mass Youth Soccer throughout the year.

To accomplish its mission, Massachusetts Youth Soccer relies upon a Board of Directors. Many of the 17 Board members have specific program responsibilities in addition to their general Board duties.  Supporting the Board is an office staff of 15 full-time and part time employees.