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Soccer Camp Insurance Policy

Mass Youth Soccer insurance coverage applies ONLY to Mass Youth Soccer-related and/or -sanctioned events and DOES NOT apply to non-soccer events or events that are not specifically sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer.

Soccer Camps are considered to be outside the scope of normal team activities and are not events sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer. As such, soccer camps WILL NOT be covered through Mass Youth Soccer Insurance Policies. 

Those wishing to operate a soccer camp are encouraged to obtain independent insurance coverage in some form for the camp. Mass Youth Soccer's insurer has offered to extend such insurance coverage to those wishing to run camps at a discounted rate. This discounted rate is only available to those organizations affiliated with Mass Youth Soccer. Any such insurance coverage is, in every respect, INDEPENDENT of Mass Youth Soccer and NO inference that Mass Youth Soccer is assuming any role, responsibility or obligation to provide insurance coverage for non-sanctioned soccer events should be drawn at any time.

Parties interested in more information on such independent insurance coverage can contact Tara Petricca at

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