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For Questions on Registration of Players, Coaches, Admistrators and all other Adults involved in Massachusetts Youth Soccer, please contact Rachel Woo at

Registration - Spring 2017


As a state association affiliated with U.S. Youth Soccer and U.S. Soccer, one of the primary functions of Massachusetts Youth Soccer is to assist in the organization and the administration of youth soccer programs across the state. This task begins with the registration of all players, coaches, managers, administrators, board members and volunteers who will be involved in any aspect and at any level of a youth soccer program.

With nearly 200,000 player and adult members (volunteers and staff), the annual registration is certainly a daunting task. All of us at Massachusetts Youth Soccer appreciate all of the efforts of those across the state who help with registration. Accurate and timely registration is needed to make certain each individual involved in your organization is properly covered under Massachusetts Youth Soccer’s insurance coverage.


This season (2016-2017), we have transitioned to a new registration process through Affinity Sports.  This is the same system all adults have to use for the Adult Registration and CORI process. This individual adult registration is a separate process used as a way to maintain adult member’s CORI Clearance Information.

We have been granting all Presidents, Registrars and CORI Submitters access to Affinity to help with this process.  This has been done based on the information provided using the Leadership Report which have been an annual requirement. If you do not have access to Affinity (ShareView) please contact Mary Relic via

IMPORTANT: With this new process you will be required to upload separate player and adult database files to Mass Youth Soccer.


Initial Spring 2017 Registration requirements are due no later than Friday March 3rd, 2017.

Final Spring 2017 Registration report and fees will be due on Friday April 29th, 2017.


1) Proper separate upload of player and adult excel registration files to Affinity Sports
2) Fee Submission Form emailed to Rachel Woo ( 
(Per Player Fee is $11, Per Adult Fee is $16)
3) Initial payment for player and adult registrations to be paid by March 3rd, 2017. 
4) Final Payment and registration report for all players and adults must be received no later than           April 29th, 2017.

All Adults registered with your organization should also have completed the Adult Registration Process 


Each youth soccer organization in the state must compile and maintain a registration database. Most organizations appoint a Registrar to oversee all such registration functions. The database will contain identifying information for each individual involved in the organization.


Affinity Sports has generated an excel template that MUST be used by each organization in compiling their player and adult registration database files. The template is accompanied by detailed instructions.

Affinity Player Upload Template

Affinity Adult Upload Template

Below are links to a document and video that will help familiarize you with the new upload registration process:

Affinity Sports Upload Instructions

Youtube Video: Step By Step Affinity Sports Upload



STEP 1. Download the Affinity Player Upload Template. Affinity Player Upload Template

STEP 2. Enter all of the required member data on the template. 

  • SeasonID: 815
  • SIDCODE: Can be found on the Program Info page on the upper right corner in Affinity Sports.
  • Season: Enter the season for which you are registering, this year it will be SPRING2017
  • PlayerLastName
  • PlayerFirstName
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • PlayerLevelCode: Recreational Player -R; Travel Player -T; Premier Player –P (If you have youth under the age of 18 working as referees only use "R" and they will be properly registered)
  • Address1
  • City
  • State
  • Father or Mother Last Name (PLAYERS ONLY)
  • Father or Mother First Name (PLAYERS ONLY)


STEP 3. Submit your Player Registration Database to Affinity Sports.


STEP 4. Download the Affinity Adult Upload Template. Affinity Adult Upload Template

Enter all of the required member data on the template.

TeamRoleCode is A for all adults.


STEP 5. Submit your Adult Registration Database to Affinity Sports.

To upload your registration files continue to the Affinity’s ShareView site by clicking on the Mass Youth Soccer ShareView Login Portal

STEP 6. Player and Adult registration fees due are calculated on the Fee Submission Form. Please use the link below to download the Fee Submission form. 

Fee Submission Form 

(Please email completed form to Rachel Woo

Please note that the Fee Submission Form includes a certification by the registrar that the facts and figures contained in the registration database being submitted are true and accurate and that ALL of the individuals involved in the organization are being properly registered.

STEP 7. Payment can be made on-line via a credit card using the Team Registration and Payment Form or by mailing a check payable to Massachusetts Youth Soccer to Rachel Woo at Massachusetts Youth Soccer, 512 Old Union Turnpike, Lancaster, MA 01523.

Team Registration and Payment Form (to pay on-line)


Initial payment for player and adult registrations to be paid by March 3rd, 2017. 
Final Payment and registration report for all players and adults must be received no later than April 29th, 2017.
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