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Playing Out of State

In recognizing that youth soccer players today are often presented with opportunities to play with teams that are based outside of the state, Massachusetts Youth Soccer has eased its policy concerning out of state registration. If a player who resides in Massachusetts wants to play on a team that is based outside Massachusetts, he or she no longer needs to obtain a Release to Play Out of State from Massachusetts Youth Soccer. This is a change in policy effective immediately.  A player who chooses to play outside Massachusetts must still, however, register with the state youth soccer association of the state in which they choose to play.

If a player who is NOT a Massachusetts resident wishes to play on a team that is based in Massachusetts or that plays in a Massachusetts-based league, he or she will need to obtain permission to play in Massachusetts from his or her home state youth soccer association before registering with the team based in Massachusetts. The player must also properly register with Massachusetts Youth Soccer through their Massachusetts-based team or club.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Woo at or 978-466-8812 extension 236

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