Massachusetts Youth Soccer permits certain players to play for more than one team during a given season. The specifics of the Multiple Rostering rules are found in Section 201 of Massachusetts Youth Soccer's Bylaws.

The following serves as a guideline to the multiple rostering policy:

  1. The player must be under the age of 14. Multiple rostering is not permitted for players 14 or older. However, a player who is under the age of 14 may play on an older team without violating this part of the rule.

  2. The player cannot play on more than one team in the same competition. For example, it is acceptable to play on a team that is competing for State Cup and another team that is competing for MTOC. It is not acceptable to play on two teams that are competing for State Cup, even if they are in different age groups.

  3. The player can only compete on one team that is in a US Youth Soccer competition (State Cup, for example). In general, this prevents a player from playing on two teams in different states.

  4. A player may be placed on a tournament roster, playing for a different team for the purposes only of competing in a specific in-state or our-of-state tournament. This is not considered multiple rostering.

For more insight into the policy, please read Section 201 from the Constitution and Bylaws below:

Section 201. Multiple Rostering

Multiple rostering permits a players to play for more than one team. It is frequently used by higher level players and most often by players involved in National Challenge Cups play. USYSA has established rules for multiple rostering which we adhere to in Massachusetts.

A player may be rostered to more than one team during a playing season with the following restrictions:

  1. The player must be age appropriate to play U14 and below.
  2. A player cannot play for more than one team in the same competition.
  3. A player can play for only one team in any competition sponsored by US Youth Soccer. (i.e. National Challenge Cup)
  4. A player may play on a team in the fall and a different team in the spring.
  5. A player on a Maple team, whose team does not enter state cup, may be rostered to a team for National Challenge cup competition.


A player may be placed on a state roster called a "TOURNAMENT TEAM ONLY ROSTER" without the need for multiple rostering. A TOURNAMENT TEAM exists only for the duration of a tournament and is NOT the player's primary team.