The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Hall of Fame, established in 1994, celebrates excellence in the game. The Hall of Fame seeks: 

- to honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals whose significant accomplishments and effect upon the sport in Massachusetts merit the highest acclaim;
- to promote the sport of soccer to both the soccer community and to the general public;
- to honor those who contributed to the growth of soccer in Massachusetts;
- to provide today’s youth and future generations with exemplary role models for good citizenship; and,
- to build and bring public attention to the sport of soccer.

Any past or present member in good standing may be nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame and the nominating party must be a member (individual, club or member association) in good standing of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.


To be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame, candidates may be nominated as a player, coach, administrator, or referee and must meet the criteria for the particular category for which they are nominated. And, while an individual may not appear to qualify in any single category, their combined commitment and performance in two or more of these categories may still qualify them as a Hall of Fame nominee.



PLAYER: A Player must have gained prominence in playing on the Regional or National level through their team or club, or through the Olympic Development Program. Further, a Player who has gone on to play at an elite intercollegiate and/or professional level will be given additional consideration.

COACH: A Coach will be eligible for nomination only if they coached in youth soccer for more than ten (10) years.  Coaching accomplishments will be considered in their totality, but the Nominee must have exhibited exceptional coaching and teaching abilities, coaching success, continuous coaching education, a willingness and ability to instruct and develop others in coaching and must have contributed to the promotion and growth of a positive image for youth soccer throughout the state.  Coaching at the recreational and competitive youth soccer levels of competition will be given equal consideration. Coaching at the high school, in state and/or regional ODP levels, and coaching at the collegiate level will be given consideration so long as he/she has made an outstanding contribution to youth soccer coaching in Massachusetts.

ADMINISTRATOR: To be considered as a candidate for induction, Administrators must be functioning, or have functioned on the local, club, state, regional and/or national level for more than ten (10) years and must have made a major, sustained positive impact on youth soccer in Massachusetts.

REFEREE: To be considered as a candidate for induction, a Referee should have achieved and maintained the grade of USSF State Referee or higher for a period of at least 10 years. They shall have distinguished themselves by officiating in Mass Youth Soccer and have contributed, by their leadership, to the improvement of the sport and that of other referees within the state.



In order to be considered in a particular year, a nomination must be received by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer office 45 days before the Annual banquet. The nomination shall include a completed nomination form and all supporting documentation that the nominating party may deem reasonable.


The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of four (4) Members including the Executive Director and three (3) Members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.
The Hall of Fame Committee shall meet (in person or virtually) to discuss each nominee. Nominations will be considered in light of the written materials provided by the nominee and in light of the qualifications in one or more of the categories.
The Hall of Fame Committee may request further documentation concerning a particular nomination and the nominating party must provide such additional documentation as soon as is practical.
No more than four (4) nominees will be inducted into the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Hall of Fame each year.
The Hall of Fame Committee will present to the Board of Directors proposed inductees to the Hall of Fame by majority vote. All nominations and all deliberations of the committee shall be held in strictest confidence.
Final approval will be based on a majority vote by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors at the first board meeting following the presentation of proposed inductees.
Announcements of inductions to the Hall of Fame shall be made 30 days before banquet.


Sid Bloom                     Framingham, MA

Sid began his coaching career 29 years ago when he coached his daughters’ Framingham United Soccer Club teams. His teams would go on to win four state championships. He also coached a women’s team in the Eastern Mass Women’s Soccer League for three summers.

In 1985 Sid became involved with the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS). He held various positions in BAYS and from 1993 to 1995 served as the league’s President.  He served as a member of the state’s Leagues Committee which ran the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC).  Sid also served as one of the three directors for the Framingham United Girls Father’s Day Tournament for 10 years.

In 1999 Sid was appointed Vice President of Massachusetts Youth Soccer, as position he would hold for two years. Sid then was elected President of Massachusetts Youth Soccer and served for eight years. Sid was instrumental in getting the plans for the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Field Complex approved by the membership.

In 2003, Region I Director Bob Palmeiro, appointed Sid as Region I Recreation Chair, a position he held for three years until he was appointed as the U.S. Youth Soccer National Recreation. As the Region 1 and National Recreation Chair, Sid worked tirelessly to implement various projects to benefit the recreation player.

In 2006 Sid was awarded the Male Administrator of the Year by Palmeiro for his outstanding contributions to Region I. After serving as President of Massachusetts Youth Soccer, he was elected as one of two Regional Deputy Directors. Palmeiro later appointed Sid to serve as the Region I Chairman of the Presidents Cup for a one year term in 2009. And in 2011, he was honored as the first Director Emeritus of Massachusetts Youth Soccer. Recently Sid was appointed again by Palmeiro as the Region I Chair for the Soccer Across America Committee of US Youth Soccer, a committee focusing on Inner City Programs and Outreach.

John Burrill                     Newton, MA    

John served the youth in Massachusetts Youth Soccer in many ways and whether serving as a parent coach, a club founder, board member, State Cup director or Executive Director, there was no question in any one who met John that he would fight for every child’s right to enjoy our great game.

As many similarly do, John began coaching as a parent coach when his daughter, Amy, began playing soccer. As both he and she have a strong competitive spirit, their soccer careers continued over the years and inspired John to help found the FC Greater Boston Bolts Soccer Club in 1986. Doing this seemed to spark a fired in him that would never extinguish. Year after year John would serve as a board member and coach in the Bolts organization with good friends Charlie Straw and TJ Williams and, in 1994, Charlie and John led a team to the US Youth Soccer National Championship, the first time a Massachusetts Youth Soccer team would win this title!

After this success John decided to Join the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Board of Direc-tors and served as the State Cup Director for four years. Trekking out to UMass for decades between his years as a coach and now director, John spent countless hours making sure all had a top class experience and enjoyed the same excitement he and his daughter had.

In 2003, John became the 2nd Executive Director of Massachusetts Youth Soccer, leaving his longtime career as a lawyer. As Executive Director, John spending tireless hours pushing and negotiating and overseeing in order to make the Massachusetts Youth Soc-cer Fields at Progin Park dreams come alive. John would be seen early mornings strolling throughout the mounds of dirt and mud with his dog, Bailey, making sure the complex construction was on schedule. Between meeting with banks for funding, town com-mittees for permits, town residents to quell concerns and the hundreds of engineers and construction workers on the land, John’s days were constantly filled. Without a strong-armed, stubborn man like John, one wonders if the soccer complex would have ever come to fruition.

John’s decades of hard work and growing positions draw a wonderful picture of the determined and passionate man that John was. However, what he did while in many of these positions draws an even better picture of his love for the children of Massachusetts Youth Soccer. John was one of the key leaders in creating the Attitudes are Contagious videos that caught national attention as a groundbreaking educational video on sideline behavior. While Executive Director, he gave the Coaching Department, every authority to grow the inner city GOALS Program every year and saw it as his duty to make sure the organization could always fund the program. He voluntarily led seminars at the national workshop teaching others how to go about building a soccer complex and served as a free consultant for anyone who called asking for guidance. He also voluntarily ran a start-up regional summer program for Region I Soccer.