1.      I am a new club registrar.  How do I go about registering my club/team?
Go to our
REGISTRATION PAGE.  Read through the database instructions carefully.  Ultimately you need to send us the fee submission sheet, your roster and your registration fees.  If, after reading the registration page, you still have questions, you may contact Rachel Woo at rwoo@mayouthsoccer.org.

2.      Where can I get a Massachusetts Youth Soccer registration packet?
The registration packet is not published on paper.  All the current registration procedures are on this Massachusetts Youth Soccer website.

3.      How can I obtain more blank Player Pass Cards and Membership Forms?
The Massachusetts Youth Soccer office will send you these materials free of charge.  Simply fill out the online
PASS CARD REQUEST FORM found in this website.

4.      We live near the border of the state, and a team outside of Massachusetts is more convenient for me and my child.  What do I need to do to roster my child on that team?
If a player who resides in Massachusetts wants to play on a team that is based in another state, he or she no longer needs to obtain a Release to Play Out-of-State from Massachusetts Youth Soccer. A player who chooses to play outside Massachusetts must still, however, register with the state youth soccer association of the state in which they choose to play.

If a player who is a resident of another state wants to play on a team based in Massachusetts or that plays in a Massachusetts-based league, he or she will need to obtain permission to play in Massachusetts from his or her home state youth soccer association before registering with the team based in Massachusetts. The player must also properly register with Massachusetts Youth Soccer through their Massachusetts-based team or club.

5.      My young child is interested in playing town/club soccer.  How do I find a team and then roster him/her on that team?
Your first step is to go to the
LEAGUES page of this website to find your hometown.  If the youth soccer organization in your hometown has a website, find the pertinent contact information.  If it does not have a website, feel free to contact the appropriate League President, whose contact information is listed on the League page of this website.  

6.      How do I find out what my child's proper “age group” is?
AGE GROUPS for the current listings.  Please note that town and club soccer age groups run from August 1st of every year.  The Olympic Development Program is the only program in Massachusetts that classifies age groups by calendar years.

7.      The owner of the fields where my team practices tells me he needs proof that my team is insured.  How do I get that proof?

You will need to fill out a Certificate of Insurance Request Form, found on the
FORMS page of this website.  Please note that we will only be able to issue a Certificate of Insurance if your club/team is currently registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

8.      Can you tell me if my child is registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer?

Yes we can!  If you have any doubt, please contact Rachel Woo at 
rwoo@mayouthsoccer.org.  If your child is playing youth soccer on a town or club team in the state of Massachusetts he/she needs to be registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer.  If a player is not registered, that player is not insured!