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Listed below, by subject matter, are office and program contacts who are ready to assist you with your questions or problems. Please feel free to call or send us an email.

Administrative Topic

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Mass Youth Soccer News Ads    
Mass Youth Soccer News Articles              
Certificate of Insurance Rachel Woo 236  
Coaching Course Info Tamie Endow 235  
Database Rachel Woo 236  
Disciplinary Issues      
District Select (Administrator) Nancy Hart    
Field Scheduling Lori Jiminez 238   
Host a Tournament Maureen LaRoche 221  
Inner City Issues      
Legal Matters      
Lost and Found Dick Threadgould  233  
Mail List Rental Emily Reilly 223  
Marketing Emily Reilly 223  
Medical Claims Tara Petricca 225  
ODP (Administrator) Maureen LaRoche 221  
Payables/Receivables Tara Petricca 225  
Permission to Travel Rachel Woo 236  
Player Adds/Drops/Releases Maureen LaRoche 221  
Public Relations Emily Reilly 223  
Registration (Spring/Fall) Rachel Woo 236  
Referee Information Brian Treanor    
Risk Management Tara Petricca 225  
Sponsorships Emily Reilly 223  
Team Training Tamie Endow 235  
Web Changes Emily Reilly 223  
All Other Questions Maureen LaRoche 221  
Program Topic      
District Select Nancy Hart    
MTOC John Linnehan    
ODP Jared Scarpaci    
State Cup Terri Filippetti    
Recreation Tournament Nancy Hart    
TOPSoccer Ray Robinson    
State Registrar Rachel Woo    
GOALS Loy Urbina