2014 Massachusetts Youth Soccer

In 2012 Massachusetts Youth Soccer ran its first ever golf tournament. Because it was such a resounding success, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Golf Classic will return this summer.

Monday, October 6
10:00 AM Shotgun Start
Gifts, Raffles, Banquet and Awards
Stow Acres Country Club, Stow, MA

All proceeds go to benefit our inner-city and community outreach programs including our GOALS Program!
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The Boston Children's Hospital Division of Sports Medicine is staffed by a dedicated team of orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and an exercise physiologist. It is by far the most comprehensive sports medicine resource ever offered to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer membership and it is being offered at no cost.


Our partners at Dinn Bros. of West Springfield, MA have agreed to give each Member Organization a twenty (20%) percent discount off of their catalog pricing on all youth soccer trophies, medals and awards. Please help Massachusetts Youth Soccer show our appreciation for Dinn Bros. commitment to youth soccer.

Northeast Promotion & Apparel of Fitchburg, MA has partnered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer as our Official T-shirt Provider. Not only will NEPA be supplying T-shirts for our various programs, coaching courses, camps and clinics, but they have also agreed to pass huge savings on to each of our Member Organizations. Order from NEPA today and save thirt (30) percent off of their catalog prices!

Massachusetts Youth Soccer provides an extensive array of benefits to all of our Members. We strive to help all of our Member Organizations and each individual Member in every aspect of youth soccer. Below is the current list of membership benefits in general categories. Simply put, Massachusetts Youth Soccer is here for you…..whatever your youth soccer needs may be!
Insurance:     Your membership includes Liability, Directors & Officers, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Excess Soccer Accident Medical Expense Benefits, and Crime Insurance.
Camp Insurance:   While our master policy does not cover soccer camp events, we have negotiated extremely discounted prices for Members to procure soccer camp insurance.
Partner Discounts:   We have negotiated corporate partnerships with a wide variety of businesses in an attempt to procure savings for all of our Member Organizations. Currently such partnerships and the discounts they offer all of our members include the following:
Dinn Bros. Trophy:                 20% off all of your trophies, medals and awards.
NEPA Blue Heron:                  30% off all of your t-shirt orders.
Sport Scarves:                        20% off scarf orders during 2 weeks a year. Great for fundraising!
Eurosport(soccer.com):          Special discounts depending on organizational size and aguaranteed 6.6% kickback for all our organizations.
Boston Children’s Hospital     Free concussion baseline testing for ODP players and free resources for all from their Sports Medicine Division.
Phillips AED Devices:            A special fixed discount price for the top of the line AED device…you will save over $300!
PerformanceInnovation.net:  Video tagging/editing application that is typically $1295 will only be $150 for our members! This is a phenomenal
 tool for coaches!
Background Checks:      We perform background checks on all adults working with your players to comply with Massachusetts law and to make certain all youth soccer players across the state can learn and enjoy the game in an environment that is as safe as possible.
College Scholarships:                Each year we provide two $1000 college scholarships, one to a young man and one to a young woman who are members of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
Coaching Education:     We are the only official U.S. Soccer arm in Massachusetts and the only body that is permitted to award coaching licenses. Our coaching courses are the first steps towards the US Soccer National coaching schools.
Coaching Conferences (FREE):     Each year our staff runs free regional coaching workshops you are welcome to attend and if you would like us to come to your area please let us know.
Continuing Coach Education:     We run 2-hour Specialty Clinics for our Member Organizations  for both players and coaches. These clinics can be focused on any topic you wish ranging from U6 or U8 to zonal defending to transition play.
Player Development:     Each winter, we operate Technical Development Centers at numerous sites across the state. We provide players from 10 to 12 years of age with intense training in dynamic and fast paced sessions focused on the development of technical skills. Coaches are encouraged to attend and “shadow” and talk to the instructor for FREE!
Board of Director’s Workshops (FREE):     We will come to your Board of Directors' meeting to conduct goal setting (1-3-5 year plan), teambuilding (how to organize to maximize efficiency), and/or strategic planning sessions. We can also come and simply share information with you as to what has and has not worked with other Boards around the state and country.  
Player/Club Development Consultation (FREE):     Our Technical Director and State Coaches can share national best practices in club and/or player development with you and are happy to discuss matters with you at any time. You can use our 21st Century Club Development Manual or Statewide Player Development Curriculum as your own or edit them to your liking for your organization.

Developmental Workshops (FREE):     We will conduct a workshop for all those involved in your organization focusing on issues facing parents and players. For instance, Executive Director, Mike Singleton will discuss Player Burnout and Dropout, a topic that he has presented at a number of national conventions,and offer what parents and organizations can do to help prevent it.
Parent Education Workshops (FREE):      We will present parent education seminars to all of your organization’s parents or specific groups. Bringing in unbiased, objective, professional and knowledgeable resources can help build support from your organization’s parents.
Consultation with Staff (FREE):        At any point you are welcome to contact our professional coaching or administrative staff for consult about any issues facing your soccer organization. We are nationally respected leaders who are happy to share best practices and help you through any challenges.
Tryouts:     We assist any Member Organization in organizing and running its’ tryouts. We help guide the format and evaluation criteria for the tryouts; then both evaluate players and teach your coaches to do the same in a manner that promotes self-sufficiency in the tryout process so you can save money in the future.
Olympic Development Program:     Member Organizations players are welcome to participate inODP which is the original and most proven feeder program to the U.S. National team. Massachusetts ODP teams are coached by our full-time professional coaching staff as well as local college and Region 1 Coaches. Our ODP alumni have gone on to play for Regional and National teams, NCAA National Championship teams and in professional leagues both in the U.S. and abroad.
TOPSoccer (FREE):     We help organize and provide support for local TOPSoccer programs across the state that bring the opportunity to play soccer to every child regardless of mental or physical disability.
Inner-city Initiatives (FREE):    Our GOALS Program provides over 30 sites of free summer soccer camp to underserved children in Massachusetts each year. We serve over 4,000 children each year and run over 130 weeks of free soccer camp. We are always looking to grow this program. In addition, we support inner city soccer organizations with both administrative and coaching guidance and support. 
District Select Program:        Each summer we run a select competitive soccer league for players who would like to play a bit more and represent their “district” for the summer. This is a very low cost league that is both fun and developmental and includes an end of season tourney that will now include a College Showcase.
Annual Awards Banquet:     Every year we celebrate our Members and their achievements at a celebratory banquet. Awards are handed out in various categories of youth soccer. The banquet presents a wonderful opportunity for our entire Membership to celebrate excellence and our continued commitment to all of our players.
National Championships/State Cup:           Each year we host and run the state championships at which the best teams in the state compete to earn the right to be state champion. Winners move on to fight for the regional and national championships and prove they are amongst the elite youth soccer teams in the whole country!
Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC):          Every year town-based league champions play at the Mass Youth Soccer field complex for their town-based state championship and for town-based soccer organizations to show how well they are developing players. This tourney typically attracts over 30,000 people to the field complex!
Kohl’s Recreational Cup:       Recreational teams are invited to our complex each year for a one day tourney to give recreational players a chance to have fun and enjoy a taste of competitive soccer in a stress-fee, festive setting.
Age Group Practice Plans (FREE):    We publish a wide variety of Practice Plans on our website for coaches of players of all ages and stages of development. These Practice Plans are updated frequently and they reflect the latest training methods and practices in youth soccer today. These practice plans receive hits on a regular basis from coaches around the world!
Website Resources:     www.mayouthsoccer.org receives 1.6 million hits each year. Our website is packed with content and is meant to act as a news center, a resource and a marketplace. If it pertains to Massachusetts Youth Soccer, it’s on the website.
Online Resource Library (FREE):     We maintain an On-Line Resource Library which contains articles and treatises on topics ranging from Sports Psychology to Player Development to the Benefits of small-sided games. All of these are freely available to you!
E-Newsletter (FREE):     We transmit an E-Newsletter 8 times a year. It contains current news, education articles, and highlights and previews upcoming events. The E-Newsletter also discusses topics of interest and announces new corporate partnerships and benefits of interest to the Membership. 
We are always striving to increase member benefits. If you have any suggestions for partnerships we should make to help you please simply let us know. Working together we can truly create the best environment for all those involved in youth soccer in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Youth Soccer is committed to providing a fun positive and productive soccer environment to all of our players, coaches and parents. To do so we must team up with all of our Member Organizations and give them the benefit of nearly 40 years of operation. There isn't another club or organization in Massachusetts that has more experience with, a more clear understanding of and a more objective view of youth soccer than Massachusetts Youth Soccer. Simply put, we are here to help your organization run more efficiently, more economically and more effectively. Only when it does, can we be confident that our players are getting the most out of their soccer experience as possible. As a team we can accomplish great things!